Graduate Profiles

Bachelor of economics who is able to understand the current development of economic theories and fundamental economic analysis; able to implement the theory and tools of analysis to find, understand, explain and formulate solution to economic problems based on scientific code of conduct, logic, systematic, and creative; able to utilize knowledge and skill in field of economics in workplace and in public services with attitudes and behavior in accordance to norms and regulations.

The graduate profiles describe the abilities as follows:





Economic Scientist

Bachelor of Economics who utilizes IT in analyzing economic problems, designing alternative economic policies, and evaluating applied development policies.


Economic Analysist

Bachelor of Economics who analyzes economic problems by using standard methods of economic science and IT advancement.


Economic Practitioner

Bachelor of Economics who applies economic science in evaluating available options to take strategic decision in daily life.


Economic Entrepreneur

Bachelor of Economics who applies economic principles in planning and managing business.


Economic Planner

Bachelor of Economics who designs development strategic by using planning methods based on economic rules.


Economic Researcher

Bachelor of Economic who examines economic problems procedurally: designed research framework, designed technic of taking data, managed and analyzed data, and report the result of research based on good writing rules.


Economic Bureaucrat

Bachelor of Economics who designs economic policy to national and regional progress.


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